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  Te Pū
Creation Philosophy
Te Pu FLV Video
These images depict Te Pū - Story of Creation a philosophy held by Mäori from the beginning of Time. The passing of this waiata-a-ringa (action song) was given to us by Tohunga. The work was prepared for print and collated for interactive workshops with tamariki (children) held in Auckland, Waitakere, Hamilton, Taupo and Wellington in Aotearoa New Zealand from Pipiri (May/June) 2005 in celebration of Te Hou Māori Matariki, the Aotearoa-Pacific New Year and the 4th edition of Matariki He Maramataka Māori

Te Pū
The Origin and Beginning of Everything


Te More
Male and Female Elements


Te Weu
Descendants, Whakapapa, Whakaeke


Te Aka
Life, Articulated Sound (clap) - a sound one recognizes without having to see it


Te Rea
Growth - once you recognize the sound you begin to grow


Te Waonui
The Expansion - grow with your whanau and beyond


Te Kuni
Knowledge Content - what is obtained from the living, those who surround us


Te Whē
Knowledge Content - what is obtained from those who have passed away


Te Kore
Two Points - Te mutunga kore (infinity - above) Te mutunga (eternity - below)


Te Pō
The Darkness - Born, conceived, begot from darkness, unknown


Ki Ngā Tangata Māori
The Triangle - Connection of people


Kō Rangi Raua Kō Papa
Whatumanawa (third eye - forehead) Pūmanawa (emotions - belly button)


Kō Tenei Te Timatanga o Te Ao
Kō Tenei Te Timatanga o Te Ao
Kō Tenei Te Timatanga o Te Ao

Creation of the World has begun



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